mardi 8 février 2011

.be cupid

.cupid heart hunt 
The cupid hunt is a really good one, don't miss it. I really love all the items, it's not too long and not difficult at all. Yay, go hunting :)))

.cupid heart hunt

.cupid heart hunt

.cupid heart hunt

.whiskey's new profile pic You shoudn't miss the cutest skins ever <3

And once you are finished maybe add a more punkish touch with these:
.mix and match

.bubbles oO.
I'm all set :)

dimanche 7 novembre 2010

.saturday night clubbing

.dj (5)

.dj (1)

Even is SL, Saturday nights are good for clubbing and Whiskey was in a DJ mood today.

So we went at 2Real to get free DJ stuff. The details are just perfect :) There are all that is needed.

.dj (2)

While we were there, we also got the Tokyo watch, good gadget too :) I just regret that we couldn't afford a good pair of sneakers... they are just sooooo good.

Last but not least, another details was in Fusion subscribo-matic: a necklace that would be perfectly unisex, yay !

Oh, did I mention that new male skins are in the LB at Mother Goose's ? And, guess what, Whiskey got the wild round :)


jeudi 4 novembre 2010

.golden november

.oMG! SL viewer 'beta 2.3' has multiple attachments!!!
So many golden freebies... and multi attachements on top of multi layers, SL rocks:) Did you know it's Nice's fav color ?

.a bit of gold


.favorited on Flickr

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Just a new section of my blog to let you discover my Flickr favs...

.strip tease (new skin)

A little strip tease to honor a new skin !

.strip tease (1)

.strip tease (2 - to be continued)

.strip tease (3)

.strip tease (4)

.strip tease (5)